But She’s Your Mother!

We have a finite amount of time on Earth. Your time here is limited and, despite what you may have heard from your parents and religious leaders, we don’t know if there is any afterlife. That said, there is no bonus life for betraying yourself in this life. Nothing gets added. Everything is a subtraction. There is no addition in life.

12 Years A Slave: Antebellum (and Modern) Christianity

I recently watched the movie 12 Years a Slave, directed by Steve McQueen. The movie was a look into what the antebellum South in America was like back in the early 1800s. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, it is a movie based on Solomon Northup’s 1853 co-authored publication about his own […]

Atheists (Correct) vs Theists (Incorrect) vs Agnostics (Confused)

On this particular Sunday morning, I wanted to take a moment to clarify the confusion surrounding the various positions on gods. I generally observe confusion on the terms surrounding religion and belief, and I wanted to address this today, giving the terms clearer and more concise definitions. The next time you interact with anyone, be […]

Creating a Personal Mission Statement

My company fairly recently developed its mission and vision statement. We frequently hear about companies who have them, but why do they have them, and what are they for? When we developed the mission and vision statements for my company, we took the process to heart and worked really hard on it. While many mission […]