Might Doesn’t Make Right, Does It?

I watched the following short film about a little girl named Rubai to be compelling and well done. The phrase that came to mind often when I watched it was “might doesn’t make right”, particularly when she is being spoken to by the priest.

Check out the movie trailer.

After watching it, I wonder how many people would agree that just shoving kids in classrooms and telling them to believe things just because they are written down in a book – or because a whole lot of people believe it – is not right. Argument from authority doesn’t hold water.

What Scares Me Even More Than the New Atheists

Moral and religious philosophy is a topic I’ve been interested in for some time now. And so, it was with great interest that I found an online piece by philosopher John Gray entitled “What scares the new atheists”. I had never heard of his work before, so I was excited to hear another perspective on […]

Breaking the Bonds of Progressive Thought

The WSJ article by Peter Nicholas from December 11 bugs me. I’m all for people making their case, and understand that those identifying as socialist (a.k.a. progressive) have an idea of what this nation’s ideals should be. They should certainly have their voice. But the issue I see is that those who identify as such […]

Taming The Savages of North America With God

At dinner last night, a friend told me that, “Without rules, people will do anything they want.” As if we have no natural tendency toward self-organization and decency1!By this, I knew he was getting at the underlying religious implication that without a god, we cannot be good. This is the implication drawn by indoctrinated Christians, […]

Philosophy, the Great Equalizing Bitch

It’s endlessly fascinating, the degree to which people have a difficult time confronting things and approaching situations honestly. I’m not even talking about truth per se, I’m talking here about an aversion to unpleasantness and an unwillingness to be simply honest about a given situation. I find the number of people unwilling to explore feelings that might be construed as […]