Real Men Get Baptized

These days, I cautiously seek out relationships where I can be completely open and honest with people. Admittedly though, it is sometimes a slow progression from acquaintance to someone I would call friend. To me, a friend is someone with whom I can be open about my deepest held beliefs and know at the end of the day that, even if we disagree, we can still be friends tomorrow and support one another in most ways1. And sometimes, I find something out about a person that makes me want to step back and not waste my time.

  1. In fact, I have one very good friend who is a quite fundamentalist Christian. The fact of the matter is that we can talk about anything, including religion, vehemently disagree, but we remain friends.

Philosophy, the Great Equalizing Bitch

It’s endlessly fascinating, the degree to which people have a difficult time confronting things and approaching situations honestly. I’m not even talking about truth per se, I’m talking here about an aversion to unpleasantness and an unwillingness to be simply honest about a given situation. I find the number of people unwilling to explore feelings that might be construed as […]

The Collapse of the West Through Debt

The freedom-producing project that has been the Western world is heading in the wrong fiscal direction, and it’s the direct result of our inability to focus on the future, and on the futures of our children. In the West, it seems that voting goes more along the lines of personal hedonism than the good of […]