Happy Revisionist History Day

I have taken it for granted for my entire life that the USA is the greatest country on Earth. I suspect that most who live here have done the same. I do believe it is the greatest country on Earth, and I am thankful to live here but not for the reasons you might expect. Our mothers and fathers have done us a great disservice by teaching us blind and unquestioning patriotism, violence, and aggression. And the narrative we have heard isn’t necessarily accurate.

CEO Compensation (Another Thought)

In my previous post about CEO compensation, I wrote about how inaccurate the portrayal of executive compensation actually is. Despite what you might hear about these “uber-wealthy” CEOs, the real statistics and actual evidence don’t support the claims that are¬†often¬†heard in the media. Today, I have some additional thoughts about this topic.

Lefties Should Be Ashamed of This Behavior

If you haven’t read, an Indiana pizza restaurant called Memories Pizza has garnered over $840,000 in donations on the crowdfunding site gofundme. Why did this happen? When the controversial Indiana legislation, a.k.a. RFRA was passed and the owners of Memories Pizza publicly commented that they would prefer not to serve gay people in their restaurant. […]

How I’ve Learned to Forgive

It’s a word I dislike, because so many people presume it means that everything should be forgotten about. But this isn’t true. That can’t happen. The human mind cannot forget great pain. It is always there, once inflicted, etched in our subconscious. If it is possible, repairing relationships when there has been a deep damage […]

Army Commanders Order Removal of Religious Sign

I was recently asked my opinion on the a news story reported on by Fox News: Army commanders order removal of ‘God and country’ recruiting sign The title of the story says it all. The jist of the story was that the local recruiting office personnel changed a sign of their own volition, and without […]

American Sniper: A Brief Analysis of God, Country, Family, Self

The movie released yesterday called American Sniper reveals some shocking and honest truths about American values. One of the prevailing themes of the movie is God, Country, Family, Self. Firstly, director Clint Eastwood does a stellar job in this movie in presenting and exploring these themes. As I was viewing, I often found myself forgetting […]